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  • Beautiful interpretation of the classic pizza spatula.
  • Size: 14” x 14” Plus Handle
  • Acacia Wood -  Acacia is a wood species rich in history. In biblical times, it was used for bows and boats because of its extraordinary strength. It was used in the construction of the Arc of Covenant. Perhaps the most significant usage of the wood was the building of the covenant box, which was placed in the middle chamber of King Solomon's Temple.

     Acacia is an environmentally friendly hardwood that is grown on all continents. This pod bearing tree is known for its rich, dark colors, that range from gold to chocolate brown, as well as its beautiful, contrasting patterns. The wood is farmed throughout South East Asia for use in the furniture and housewares industries.

     One of the special characteristics of Acacia wood is an unusual property known as 'chatoyancy' - it appears to change color and luster in different lighting conditions as if to shimmer. The wood can change from a light tan to a dark brown...sometimes appearing similar to Walnut and sometimes more like Teak.

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